'Dad's dementia broke me and I find him hard to love'

'Dad's dementia broke me and I find him hard to love'

  • 29 November 2018
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Hayley Morris, 25, says she had a "perfect relationship" with her 60-year-old dad Kevin. Two years ago that changed. He was diagnosed with a rare form of dementia - Pick's Disease - which causes personality and behaviour changes. Here Hayley describes the impact it's had on her life with her dad.

"I got a call from my mum saying 'Your dad's got dementia'.

"All the blood just rushed to my feet and it just felt like I couldn't do anything.

"Now I have to treat him as two separate people - my dad is gone but Kevin is still here.

"I feel like I didn't hug my dad enough or tell him I loved him enough when he was normal.

"I can't tell him that anymore because I don't know if I do.

"I love the old him so much but he's now hard to love.

"People might think that's ridiculous and say 'You're not human, how can you feel like you don't love your dad?'

"Trust me, it's not my dad anymore. It's just not. It's a different person.

"One day I came home from work and was really down and I blurted it out in front of a camera.

Warning: This video contains strong language and for support on the issues raised click here.